More from Fulton Co, GA

Screengrabs from the Fulton Co pound’s PetHarbor listings, submitted by a reader. Click an image to enlarge.


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4 Responses to More from Fulton Co, GA

  1. mikken says:

    Ah, the skills of professional animal handlers. They really can’t even see themselves and what they’re doing any more, can they?

  2. It's Me says:

    Yuck, the place looks filthy…probably smells, too.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I was going to ask if there was a table nearby to put the animals on and then I saw it in the picture of Tiger. Could the employees not move over a few feet and put the animals on the table to take the picture instead of dangling them in the air? I guess that is too logical for them!

  4. Vicki Aucremanne says:

    The picture of Rudulph rips me to shreds….that poor little thing has sheer terror on his face. oh . my. goodness. this poor poor cat. to have ended up there…

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