Tabby Yorkie

tabby yorkie

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Pitt Co Pound in NC

pitt countySubmitted by Lisa B.

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Nashville, TN

Screengrabs from
nashvillenashville1nashville2nashville3nashville this dognashvillecat

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Memphis, TN

This dog is in a cage with a broken metal platform and a tether of some sort around his neck which exceeds the frame of the photo:

dog with stringThis dog, besides appearing to not be a GSD mix, appears to have been impounded weeks ago wearing a sweater.  I assume MAS is doing its usual bang up job locating the owner:

dog in sweaterGSD rescue is going to be pissed if anyone drags them down to MAS to evaluate this dog:

benjiThis guy looks like he just got told by MAS that he is a brindle and white Lab mix:

brindle labNothing screams ADOPTION! like a photo of a dog who appears to be thinking “Just get it over with and take me to the kill room already.”:

sadNot calico, not 5 months old and not the way to hold a kitten:

kitten ouchYeah, this’ll work:

five kittens listed as one

All images are screengrabs from the MAS listings on PetHarbor, submitted by Arlene.

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Fulton Co, GA

Screengrabs from the Fulton County Animal Services website.

Was “Pecan” just drugged and is that a covered needle being held behind him?
fulton co pecan

Elderly dog on a chokepole:
fulton co7

fulton co8 fulton co fulton co2 fulton co3 fulton co4 fulton co5 fulton co6

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Murray Co, GA

Submitted by Kerry:

Screengrab from Facebook depicting dog #2999 on a chokepole in the AC truck in Murray Co, GA.

Screengrab from Facebook depicting dog #2999 on a chokepole in the AC truck in Murray Co, GA.

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Yes we have pets, in that corner with the janitorial stuff.

Screengrabs from the Nashville pound’s pet listings on

dog in cornerdog in corner2nashville 101806

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